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We're proud of our achievements & excited about future opportunities & the direction we're headed.


As one of the largest community housing providers in New South Wales, working at Compass Housing offers a wide range of dynamic opportunities.


We are passionate about creating a great place to work for our employees. Our progressive benefits and conditions, and strong dedication to training and development, are designed to help our team develop a rewarding long term career path.


Our people will lead, manage or work with diligence, competence and pursue excellence in their performance. Our people have been paramount in the successes of Compass Housing and will continue to assist us to succeed in the future.


Compass Housing aims to be an employer of choice showing loyalty and respect and a commitment to the personal development of its staff.

  • Working in collaboration with others in our organisation and taking pride in the achievements of the team
  • Striving for improvement and innovation, and having the courage to think and actively contribute new initiatives that benefit our tenants, other stakeholders and the organisation
  • Demonstrating integrity and responsibility through honest, respectful and transparent communication
  • Striving for excellence through strong leadership and commitment to the job at hand, and
  • Taking responsibility and accountability for the care and protection of peers, the business, the communities in which we operate and the environment.

In our staff satisfaction survey, completed by Retain HR to assess and benchmark staff satisfaction, management, work-life balance, work loads job satisfaction, organisational culture, performance management and leadership, staff members made the following statements:

  • Great people to work with
  • There’s an endless opportunity within the company to grow and learn, and I’m very interested in where the company is looking at going in the future
  • It is a fun, happy environment the majority of the time
  • The policies and procedures are adhered to as much as possible
  • Dynamic and never dull
  • Nice, helpful and happy people in organisation
  • The purpose of it existing, the community
  • Growth of company
  • Positive direction from CEO and managers
  • Flexibility, career options
  • Working with a dedicated team
  • The opportunity to be able to try new things, and
  • The CEO’s incredible vision and his willingness to work with the strengths of his employees.

Compass Housing has a “culture of success” indicating large numbers of staff are positive about the organisation's future, have a strong sense of success and achievement, a “can do” mentality and a high level of cohesiveness and focus.

Due to our charity status we are able to offer eligible employees up to $16,000 of their salary tax-free. Salary packaging allows staff to structure their salary in a tax effective way, potentially increasing your take home pay.

As part of the reward strategy for Compass Housing staff, a bonus is set for each permanent staff member to recognise high performing individuals. This is normally 5% of the staff members salary and is set on key performance indicators. This recognises higher performing staff and provides opportunity for further achievement.

Compass Housing recognises the value of continuing education and encourages staff to do so. If staff wish to undertake study which links to Compass Housing’s priorities and the staff member's work responsibilities; employees can apply for study leave as well as financial assistance for training costs. One of the benefits of working for Compass Housing is access to a individual training budgets.

Staff have access to the Employee Assistance Program. The Employee Assistance Program will provide a variety of services designed to actively promote employee health, well-being and personal development. The Employee Assistance Program will provide off-site, independent, confidential, professional guidance and counselling for employees of Compass and their families. 

We are committed to providing an environment where our people feel engaged, passionate and valued. Balancing work and home life can sometimes be a challenge. All of us strive to find the right balance between our careers and personal life. We believe that good health, happiness and a sense of achievement are essential for managing work and life responsibilities effectively. We also encourage flexibility and diversity in the workplace through practices that recognise and respond to our people’s needs at different stages of their lives.

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