National Registration – Community Housing

Compass manages social housing in a similar manner to state government provided social housing, with its performance regulated by the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH).

Compass is a National Tier 1 Provider under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing.

A Tier 1 classification is representative of Compass demonstrating the highest level of performance requirements and regulatory engagement, that Compass undertakes activities relating to its performance in governance, risk management, probity and quality service delivery. 

National Community Housing Standards Accreditation

Compass is currently accredited under the National Community Housing Standards effective until June 2017.

The National Community Housing Standards (NCHS) were developed in 1998 and have been revised twice, in 2003 and 2010.

In addition to registration, accreditation against these standards demonstrates Compass’ sound governance and management of its affairs, including tenancies, assets, tenant and stakeholder engagement, people and finances. This accreditation process is voluntary and demonstrates Compass’ commitment to operating under best practice processes and continuous improvement.  

Industry Partnerships & Representations  


Compass is a proud member of PowerHousing Australia Ltd and the International Housing Partnership.

PowerHousing Australia

PowerHousing Australia Ltd comprises of a national network of leading not for profit growth community housing providers who develop and manage social and affordable housing. Collectively the members manage over 38,400 units of housing worth more than $7.2 billion and have raised over $355 million to fund the development of affordable housing. PowerHousing Australia’s members provide homes for over 80,000 people across Australia. The common element is the commitment to address housing need through growth of supply, best practice in housing and community development and excellence in tenancy and asset management.

International Housing Partnership (IHP)

The International Housing Partnership (IHP) collectively represents more than 175 leading not for profit housing and community development organisations in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

IHP facilitates dynamic exchanges of information and experiences amongst its members. It fosters deeper collaboration and exploration on business practices and creation of social enterprises, and encourages discussion and shared approaches on policy and organisational structures that impact the development, operation and sustainability of social housing.

The shared values of  members enables the partnership to create a unique synergy and derive significant value from their work together despite the fundamental differences in the policy, financial, and cultural contexts of the respective countries.

In December 2014, Director of Compass Housing Greg Budworth was elected Chair of the International Housing Partnership’s (IHP) External Relationships Committee (ERC). The committee is made up ten IHP members from Australia, UK, USA and Canada.

Compass will have a voice at the UN Habitat III Conference after receiving special accreditation from the Council during recent HABIII P2 preparatory meetings in Kenya attended by Compass Managing Director Greg Budworth.

Compass is the only Australian housing provider to gain this status.

Habitat III is the UN’s Global conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, which takes place from Oct 17-20 2016 at Quito, Ecuador.

Employer of Choice


AON Hewitt Employee Engagement Survey

Compass has a strong commitment to staff engagement and is in the top 25% of organisations surveyed by AON Hewitt in staff engagement. 


Compass' AON Hewitt Employee Engagement Survey produced an excellent overall engagement result of 72%. 

This result demonstrates for the second consecutive year Compass was placed in the top 25% of all employers across Australia & New Zealand who have undertaken the engagement survey.

This is a fantastic achievement with our overall engagement increasing by 5% from our 2014 result of 67%. The average employer engagement score was 58% compared to our result of 72%, which indicates we are way above average when it comes to having engaged and enthusiastic employees.

AON Hewitt measures the strength of engagement with our organisation on many levels. 

The areas of strong engagement focused on change, organisational diversity & inclusion, learning & development, team work, management, and client focus. These are areas which resulted in a positive perception increase from our 2014 result and contributed to our improved employee engagement score for 2015. 

The following results detail the areas and specific questions which rated highly in the 2015 Employee Engagement Survey. 

86% of staff say:

  • I am proud to be part of this organisation
  • I feel this organisation values diversity (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, language, education qualifications, ideas and perspectives)
  • This is a socially and environmentally responsible organisation

85% of staff say:

  • This organisation strongly supports the learning and development of its employees
  • I feel encouraged to take the initiative and suggest improvements to better serve our clients

82% of staff say:

  • I understand how my work goals relate to the organisation's goals

81% of staff say:

  • I get a sense of accomplishment from my work
  • My colleagues work together to achieve our goals

78% of staff say:

  • My manager provides valuable feedback throughout the year that allows me to improve my performance

81 %

of staff get a sense of accomplishment from their work

86 %

of staff feel this organisation values diversity

86 %

of staff are proud to be a part of Compass

Compass was recognised as an Employer of Choice
at the Australian Business Awards 2015

The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice recognises organisations which have developed leading workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey 

For the fourth year Compass engaged MAP Marketing to undertake our annual tenant satisfaction survey questionnaire and research. The printed questionnaire was posted to NSW and QLD residents by Compass and also programmed on the internet by MAP Marketing for online submissions. Compass provided a prize of an iPhone or iPad as well as local movie vouchers for each service location.

2015 Results - NSW
944 questionnaires were completed 

  • Approximately 91% of respondents stated they were either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with Compass' services
  • About 90% of respondents were either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the way Compass involves tenants
  • About 89% are either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with Compass upholding tenant rights
  • About 79% of respondents stated they were either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with requested repairs and maintenance
  • 89% of respondents stated they were satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the way Compass communicates and provides information

2015 Results - QLD
202 questionnaires were completed

  • Approximately 90% of respondents stated they were either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with Compass' services
  • About 85% of respondents were either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the way Compass involves tenants
  • Approximately 86% of respondents stated they were either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with Compass upholding tenant rights
  • Approximately 81% of respondents stated they were either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with requested repairs and maintenance
  • 87% stated they were satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the way Compass communicates and provides information

Community Regeneration

Compass is leading regeneration research of marginalised communities through the appointment of respected UK academic, Professor David Adamson OBE.


Professor Adamson, an Emeritus Professor with the University of South Wales, is internationally recognised for his expertise in economic and community regeneration. His community regeneration approach, the ‘Deep Place Method’, is being successfully implemented in Wales. 

Deep Place develops a comprehensive profile for each community and maps new economic activities that can create training and employment opportunities for the long-term unemployed.

Professor Adamson will lead Compass' development of the approach in the Hunter region. 

Awards & Achievements

Compass has been recognised at the Project NSW 2015 Australasian Housing Institute Awards for Leading Housing Development. This award is in recognition of our supported youth accommodation development in Islington.

The four storey development in Maitland Road is specifically designed for young people aged between 16 and 25. It features 24 studio and single bed apartments, eight of which are modified for tenants with a disability or complex needs.

Compass was the recipient of the GreenTree International Don Bowman Initiative Award in 2015.

GreenTree, a leading provider of business management software, established the award to recognise partner companies who’ve made significant impact on projects and initiatives across GreenTree’s global community.

The award was provided to Compass for its work in adapting and customising GreenTree to be the most advanced and connective product in the housing sector.

Compass is delighted that our staff members Jo McGuire and Jo Knight have been recognised by the NSW Federation of Housing Associations (NSWFHA) for Excellence in Frontline Services.

In 2015, Jo and Jo developed an open trial project to improve tenant contact and communication. They identified the need for our routine property inspections to be combined with tenant welfare visits.

The trial of this model was so successful in boosting tenant engagement, it has since been implemented across the organisation.