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Accommodation Vouchers for SDA Residents

Accommodation Vouchers

To help residents settle into their new Compass-managed, Specialist Disability Accommodation homes, we have a limited number of accommodation vouchers for families and supporters.

The vouchers will help our new resident’s support network to visit and to explore the local area together (when COVID-19 restrictions allow). It also gives the resident’s support network peace of mind and the chance to establish relationships with the Supported Independent Living (SIL) team.
The vouchers range in value, up to $1,000, and are reserved for eligible residents moving into one of Compass’ Home4Life group homes.  If a resident does not have a family member or supporter who can visit, they can use the voucher amount for approved day activities to help them to settle in.
Eligibility criteria and other terms and conditions apply.

To find out more email sda@compasshousing.org or call 1300 333 733.

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