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Compass Housing welcomes complaints and views them as a way to improve its service and be accountable to applicants and tenants. As a registered Housing Association, Compass Housing is subject to the Community Housing External Appeals System. This entitles tenants and applicants who are unhappy about a Compass Housing decision, to appeal the decision which has been made. 


We hope that most complaints can be resolved by discussing it with the staff member. However, sometimes this may not be successful or you may not consider it appropriate to do so.


  • For more information relating to Complaints - Click Here


You may lodge a complaint in person at any of our Compass Housing branches; or: 




Compass also like to hear when we are doing things right. If you have had a great experience with our company or a particular staff member we would love for you to tell us.

Our staff work very hard to look after our tenants and nothing is more rewarding to them, than knowing you are happy.



Appeals are made in response to a decision we have made which you believe is wrong or unfair.


If you are a Compass Housing applicant or tenant and are unhappy about our decision - you can appeal it by going through our internal complaints and appeals process. In NSW, if you are still dissatisfied you can progress the matter through the FACS Housing Appeals Committee at www.hac.nsw.gov.au.


What happens?


The first step is to dowload the Internal Review Request Form HERE or obtain a copy from your local branch office.


Lodge the Internal Review Request Form at your branch office or via post to Compass Housing Services PO Box 967 Hamilton NSW 2303 - including any supporting documentation and/or new information since the original decision. You will receive a letter confirming receipt of your appeal as soon as practicable and advisement of what will happen next.


You can request an interview, if deemed necessary, and you can bring a friend or advocate for help or support. Please advise Compass Housing if you require an interpreter.


Compass' Internal Review Committee will review the decision and make a determination on your appeal.

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