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My Place Property Maintenance

My Place Property Maintenance 

My Place Property Maintenance

My Place Property Maintenance started as a pilot program in the Upper Hunter in March 2020 and has since expanded with the addition of a maintenance facility in Beresfield NSW. From this facility, a team of skilled tradespeople are servicing the maintenance needs of our tenants across the Hunter and Central Coast.

My Place Property Maintenance (MPPM) commenced as a pilot program in the Upper Hunter in March 2020 with exceptional results.

Through MPPM, Compass internalises its own maintenance service by creating a facility maintenance operation and engaging an internal trade-based workforce.

Since the initial pilot, MPPM has expanded with the opening of a new property maintenance facility in Beresfield which will ultimately create 40 permanent Compass Housing jobs for administration staff, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and cleaners.

Staff at the facility service and maintain 2,600 social, affordable and disability housing homes that Compass manages in the Hunter and on the Central Coast. It is also be the headquarters for staff who will be employed to service another 1,800 homes in Cessnock and Taree for which Compass will take over responsibility for maintaining.

MPPM significantly changes Compass’s approach to the way it delivers maintenance by utilising the existing annual maintenance budget that is used for reactive, cyclical and vacant maintenance. The efficiencies of MPPM are creating the opportunity to direct a larger proportion of the maintenance expenditure towards planned upgrades to extend the life of Compass assets.

MPPM aligns with Compass’s strategic objectives and sustainable development goals, encompassing both social and environmental outcomes. It will reduce waste to landfill helping Compass achieve its 2030 carbon neutral objectives.

It will see the employment of apprentices from our client population with a focus on engaging Indigenous youth.


My Place Property Maintenance Jobs and Apprenticeships

Right now we are in the middle of hiring twelve licensed carpenters, electricians and plumbers, and further new staff will be hired as we roll the new approach to maintenance in all areas.

We will also need cleaners! If you have experience in this area and would like to work full time, watch for the job advertisements on seek.com, or on the Work With Us page on this website.

Over the next 12 months we will also be offering five new apprenticeships to add to our growing trade based workforce. We would love to hear from young people living in the Hunter & Central Coast in a Compass Housing property who might be interested in this opportunity. Ideally you are between the ages of 16-21 years and are keen to work and be paid. Gain a valuable qualification and great skills for life!

Please contact us on 1300 333 733 and ask to speak to the Community Participation Officer in your nearest Compass branch if you are interested in becoming a My Place Property Maintenance apprentice.

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