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Digital Storytelling Workshops

20 May 2021

Digital Storytelling Workshops

City of Newcastle’s Digital Library is hosting a series of workshops to teach local young people skills to share stories through modern mediums like virtual reality, augmented reality, and animation. 

Delivered through a partnership with Newcastle Libraries and Compass Housing’s Grow a Star program, the workshops give students the chance to explore these emerging technologies, develop new skills, and express themselves. 

The five-week program explores the theory of storytelling techniques and narrative development during hands-on classes which will equip students with the technical skills to create their own interactive and immersive worlds. 

Councillor Carol Duncan said the Digital Storytelling workshops encourage students to harness their creativity and imagination while sharing their experiences through modern story telling techniques. 

“The Grow a Star scholarship program provides young people living in social housing with opportunities that they may not normally have access to,” Cr Duncan said. 

“The workshops are an excellent way to increase digital literacy through creative digital technologies and ‘world building’ and, at the completion of the course, the students will have a portfolio that will allow them to pursue work experience and tertiary education opportunities.” 

“The young participants will also benefit from mentoring and will develop communication and teamwork skills by working together in small groups.” 

City of Newcastle’s Manager of Libraries and Learning Suzie Gately said the workshops are a perfect fit for the Digital Library which is home to a variety of technologies and tools that modernise story telling.  

“Immersive storytelling through innovative video is a powerful tool that can truly bring our imagination to life,” Ms Gately said.    

“At the end of this program we look forward to showcasing the students’ unique and creative stories on the Digital Library’s interactive story wall for our community to enjoy.” 

The program starts on 20 May and runs until 17 June involving 16 young people. 

Compass Housing’s Grow a Star program is a youth mentoring and scholarship program that helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds overcome the financial or generational  obstacles that are preventing them from following their dreams. For more information visit www.growastar.org



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