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Dr Tim Williams (Former Compass Board Member) delivered a presentation titled 'Revitalising Newcastle: Delivering the Vision'.

Tim's presentation was well recieved by a crowd of 100 delegates at the Crowne Plaza Newcastle. Delegates were then treated to a panel discussion between Dr Tim Williams, Sharon Grierson MP, Tim Owen MP and Lord Mayor Jeff McCloy.

  • Meeting Social Housing Need A Tipping Point for Federal Intervention_August 2021 - Download

  • Compass submission on the NSW Housing Strategy Discussion Paper - July 2020 - Download
  • Affordable Housing Income Gap - 2020 Report - Download
  • Estimating Current and Future Demand for Housing Assistance - Download
  • Affordable Housing Income Gap - 2018 Report - Download
  • Houses For All - Compass Reponse to Reform of Federation -  Download
  • Towards a National Housing Strategy - CLICK HERE

  • Compass Submission_Senate Economics Legislation Committee 2018 - Download

  • Compass Submission_Greater Metropolitan Plan 2018 - Download

  • Compass Comment_NCC Draft Affordable Living Plan 2018 - Download

  • Compass Submission to Central Coast Council Affordable Housing Strategy - Download

Compass is unique in the community housing sector by having a clearly defined approach to socially regenerative tenancy and property management which incorporates principles from social science and well-honed practice over many years. We refer to this approach as People, Place, Performance approach (PPP).

This PPP philosophy is central to all areas of operation and is the theoretical underpinning of all of Compass value-add programs.

Compass' PPP approach - Download

Compass is playing a leading role in promoting, advocating for and implementing the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda in Australia and globally. To assist us we use the Deep Place method and we are developing it for use throughout Australasia and the Pacific region.  


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