Should we be following Canada's lead on housing?

03 Jan 2018

Should we be following Canada's lead on housing?

Community housing provider Compass Housing have proposed that the Australian Government should follow Canada's lead and produce a national housing strategy in order to combat our growing housing crisis.

"For almost 40 years, federated Commonwealth governments around the world have accepted only limited responsibility for housing policy or supply," said Compass group managing director, Greg Budworth.

Canada last month broke this longstanding tradition and released a national strategy called A Place to Call Home, an historic first for them and based on a national conversation begun by the then newly elected Prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Canada's 10-year strategy will cost $40 billion and has key targets that, if achieved, will make it the envy of many nations struggling with the crisis of housing affordability.

"Like Canada, Australia's major population centres routinely feature in lists of the least affordable housing markets in the world, and younger generations are increasingly locked out of home ownership," he said.

"Add to that the fact we have more than 200,000 households on the waiting list for social housing, and that more than 40 per cent of people receiving rent assistance are still in housing stress, and it's clear we have a serious problem on our hands."

Compass is optimistic the Canadian example will encourage further progress towards the delivery of a coordinated and strategic national housing strategy, overseen by a dedicated Minister for Housing.


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