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Survey Shows Tenants Satisfied with Compass Housing

24 Dec 2019

Survey Shows Tenants Satisfied with Compass Housing

The 2019 Compass Housing Tenant Satisfaction Survey again shows tenants in NSW and Queensland are very satisfied with services from their social and affordable community housing provider.  

Overall tenant satisfaction is at 92%, with satisfaction levels of 93% in NSW and 84% in Queensland.

Satisfaction with the condition of tenants’ homes is at 90%. The way Compass communicates and provides information to tenants scored 88%. 95% of respondents indicated that they contact Compass by direct methods such as telephone or in person. Satisfaction with the Compass complaint management was 2% higher than the 2018 survey.

Tenants rate personalised methods of communications and tenant newsletters as relatively more useful than the website. This may be a result of the low tenant internet access (54%).

Compass Group Chief Operating Officer Lisa Tierney said Compass’ level of tenant satisfaction is much higher than industry benchmarks.

Ms Tierney said the result was a credit to Compass staff. She said there was more work to be done to improve scores. Communication on repairs and maintenance was rated at 82%.

“Every staff member in every location contributes to tenants satisfaction,” Ms Tierney said.

She attributes the survey success to Compass’ approach of doing more than being a landlord and putting a roof over people’s heads.

“Compass Housing has a range of tenant engagement programs and links to other servies support to help tenants to be actively engaged in their communities,” she said.

“We want to empower our tenants to have their voices heard and to participate in the social and economic life of their communities.’

“Thank you to all our tenants who participated in the survey because it helps us to know how to further improve services.”

The survey was executed by MAP Marketing using posted surveys and an online survey option. There were a total of 1578 responses.



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