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Tenant Amnesty Offer

11 Mar 2021

Tenant Amnesty Offer

For the period 19 March 2021 to 30 May 2021, Compass Housing Services (Compass) is offering an amnesty on unauthorised occupants, undisclosed income or financial assets and undisclosed property ownership. This amnesty period coincides with the current rent review period. 

What does this mean?
Tenants who declare unauthorised occupants, undisclosed income or financial assets:

  • Will not have their rent backdated
  • Will not be evicted as a result of any information provided during the amnesty period

How does the amnesty work?
The amnesty will give tenants the opportunity to tell Compass about any undisclosed occupants, income or assets without risk of penalty or having to pay back money owed due to prior non-disclosure. 
During the amnesty information can also be received from members of the community, about tenants who may not be doing the right thing. In these cases, the Tenant will be notified in writing about the allegation and given the opportunity to discuss this with Compass and disclose any necessary information. If they do so, they will also be protected by the amnesty. 

What happens if I do not advise Compass about changes?
Tenants who do not advise Compass during the amnesty period may:

  • have their rent subsidy cancelled;
  • have a large debt to repay; and/or
  • face more serious actions such as termination of their tenancy

However, any of these actions can be stopped by simply contacting Compass during the amnesty period  on 1300 333 733 and asking to speak with a rent officer, or by email to reportit@compasshousing.org

Notification Requirements
Residents are required to tell Compass about any changes to their income, household members, financial assets or property ownership within 21 days of the change happening. 
This is very important because your social housing rent is calculated as a percentage of your total household income. If these changes are not declared, the tenant may be paying more, or less rent than they should.
This is not fair to other residents that are doing the right thing. It also means that there is less money available to reinvest in more social housing, property upgrades and other social housing activities.

To make a declaration
Contact Compass on 1300 333 733 and speak with a rent officer, or report by emailing reportit@compasshousing.org
Rental payments will be reassessed to take into account any changes to income, assets or household members
The tenant will be advised of their new rent amount and under the terms of the amnesty, will only commence payment of the new amount from the date of disclosure

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