Tenant Incentive Program

Tenant Incentive Program

Tenants are encouraged to perform well in their tenancies through the Compass Housing Tenant Incentive Program. This program has been set up to reward our best performing tenants.

How the Program works?

Each month housing managers give each tenant a score based upon their tenancy performance, according to set criteria i.e. on time rent payments, invoice payments, bond payments and for maintaining dwellings that are clean and tidy.

Tenants are ranked according to their scores throughout the year. 

The best performing tenants are graded in the following categories – gold, silver and bronze. All tenants who reach the gold category are invited to a special lunch at the end of the year as a reward from the company for their excellent performance and receive 20% off bus trips and other social events. Prizes are also drawn for tenants who reach gold, silver and bronze levels. The major prizes last year were for $1000 cash and $500 cash.

In 2012, under the PPP banner, the Board determined the allocation of special purpose funding for place making. The availability of funding was offered to our tenants through a tender process for projects run by tenant groups and branches for activities that promoted “place based initiatives”, tenant engagement and participation in the community.

These projects are assessed against a criterion that projects must demonstrate the enhancement of people, place and performance (of assets). Compass Tenancy Relations Support Officers are available to assist our tenants complete the application requirements to ensure equitable access. This funding has led to the activation of many shared spaces, skills based initiatives for tenants and community inclusion activities.

Other projects under Compass Connect have included:

  • Establishment of other community gardens, fencing and gates;
  • A community clean-up project;
  • A BBQ area & garden;
  • Internet café/computer training courses;
  • Outdoor seating area; &
  • Solar security and lighting.