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Tenant support

The strength of Compass is underpinned by our commitment to improve community wellbeing and liveability for our tenants.

We achieve this through building strong partnerships and delivering best practice service delivery in community development, place-making, tenancy management and asset management.

We understand that the best outcomes will be achieved through an integrated service, which understands and respects the people, place, potential, and possibilities for the potential clients of these projects.

Compass will support our tenants in order to sustain their tenancies. If we identify that our tenants are in need of support or assistance we may link them to external agencies to offer referral services or link with some of our support programs.

Tenant Empowerment

Compass has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at supporting the wellbeing of both tenants, and the wider community.

Compass Housing actively encourages tenants to get involved and play a part in shaping the delivery of social housing through tenant participation and consultation.

Tenant Participation aims to build partnerships between tenants and Compass Housing to:

  • Improve the skills, knowledge and ultimately the quality of life of social housing tenants
  • Support and strengthen communities
  • Improve the way social housing is delivered and managed


Social Events & Activities

Compass Housing also has a social event calendar over all areas of operation which includes activities to encourage tenant involvement and social inclusion. We are experienced in organising social events and activities for our tenants and we involve tenants by asking them what events and activities they would like to take part in.

We offer a wide range of social and recreational activities such as craft groups, hobby groups, computer classes, BBQ’s, luncheons, bus trips, picnics and more which will benefit the tenants by involving them within their community.

These programs and activities combined with educational programs about health and active living create opportunities for the tenants to live healthier happier lifestyles.


Tenant Survey

Compass Housing seeks feedback from tenants through its Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey. This is one of the best ways to ensure we continue to provide high quality housing services. Our quality services delivery is evident by the consistently high and improving tenant satisfaction.

Compass’ In The House program was developed as an early intervention tenant engagement practice aimed at providing tenants opportunities to engage in economic and community participation. Compass provides mentoring in an environment where tenants are able to demonstrate an interest in different types of community engagement and follows up with the provision of options and access to training and volunteerism or support.

The conceptual design of In The House was developed to complement the specialist model of customer service implemented throughout Compass in 2014, providing a therapeutic outlet through artistic expression, developing an awareness of ‘self’ and attitudes towards a positive interactive environment. After the success of the first session held, In The House has now become an ongoing program, embedded into the support functions of Compass’ service delivery model in the Hunter region.

  • For more information on our In The House program - Contact Us

Compass Housing Services acknowledges that many tenants may experience difficulties from time to time which may affect their ability to sustain their tenancy. Compass Housing Services will attempt at all times to ensure tenants are kept informed of their rights under the relevant legislation.

Furthermore, Compass Housing Services will provide information to the tenant/s about support services available to them when action to collect rental arrears is undertaken.

The type of support to be offered may include:

  • Information on tenancy advice and advocacy services;
  • Information concerning financial counselling services; &
  • Information about other relevant support services  (e.g. family support, refuges, counselling, health and translator services).

Compass has extensive and well-developed relationships with a variety of support service providers who assist our tenants in supported accommodation to successfully live independently, ensuring these tenancies are secure and sustainable and provide a wide variety of services to our clients who are in need of support.

Our support partnerships are a continued important part of delivering and maintaining safe and secure housing and improved living for our clients.

Compass  may  be  asked  to  assist  in  housing  tenants  who  require  the  services  of  a support  agency  for  reasons  of  mental  health,  physical  disability,  youth  support  or  the  teaching  of  independent living skills.

Compass will in the case of tenants requiring a medium to high level of support seek to enter into an agreement with the support service. Such an agreement must abide by State and Federal privacy legislation.

Compass Housing branches run quarterly Rent It Keep It programs to support our tenants in providing them with the opportunity to attend these programs and gain an understanding of what is needed to successfully sustain a tenancy. 

Our Housing Pathways team also run quarterly sessions for people who are homeless or in transitional properties with little experience in the private rental market or who have had previous problems with their tenancies in the past.

Specialist Homelessness Services funding reforms saw a number of neighbourhood centres and emergency relief outreach locations providing low cost goods shut down across Central Coast and Hunter region.

In response to these closures, Compass opened a community food store, The Shack Shop, and launched two other food related initiatives as another way to help its tenants and other community members in need to balance their budgets and learn more about support services available to them. The Shack Shop operates from The Meeting Place,

  • For more information on The Shack Shop - Click Here

Hunter Homeless Connect Day is an annual event that links people to vital services such as accommodation and housing providers, health and wellbeing, legal and financial assistance, employment, study, and general support to people who are experiencing homelessness, doing it tough and/or are at risk of homelessness.

This is delivered in an environment that maintains dignity, fosters a culture of connectedness, and encourages a sense of being a valued member of the community. 

The event has been running since 2009 and each year up to 1,500 guests attend, accessing a one-stop-shop of human and community services, including free haircuts, massages, immunisations, birth certificates, bedding, phone cards, food, clothing and much more.

Hunter Homeless Connect Day is delivered by a ‘community coalition’ of government and non-government services and volunteers, with in-kind and financial support from organisations, community partners and individuals across the Hunter. 

Compass is a major supporter of this event, providing coordination and financial support.

For more information on HHC and this year’s annual event - Visit the Hunter Homeless Connect Website

The Tenant Reference Groups are an important way that tenants can influence the services they receive from Compass and help us continually improve the experience of being a Compass tenant.  The Groups discuss general issues and help us design new approaches. 

Meetings are held every three months with Compass teams in each region. Each meeting goes for around 1- 2 hours.  We cover expenses you may have in attending and we make sure you don’t leave hungry by providing some light refreshments. We make the meetings fun and interesting and avoid them being too formal.

If you are interested in joining your local Tenant Reference Group you can call in your local branch or phone the 1300 333 373 number to discuss with your local Compass team or you can email davida@compasshousing.org.   We look forward to meeting you at a Tenant Reference Group in your area

The Compass Tenant Involvement Panel (CTIP) advocate on behalf of tenants and provide a forum so that tenants can provide their views both to Compass management and the wider community.

Your involvement will:

  • help us to build inclusive & resilient communities;
  • help us to acknowledge & support equality and diversity among tenants & people in society in general;
  • strengthen our work in giving back to society by supporting the UN Habitat global goal of promoting socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements and the achievement of adequate shelter for all;
  • assist us to be innovative in our approach to supporting and adding value to the programs delivered by Compass to tenants;
  • be recognised & valued by the Compass Board of Directors.

To learn more or to register your interest in joining CTIP call us on 1300 333 733 or EMAIL US

JobQuest - Lawn Mowing & Cleaning

Are you interested in earning a few extra dollars?

Even if you have no prior experience, JobQuest can help you with training & employment. JobQuest is looking for people interested in lawn mowing & cleaning. PP&E is supplied.

JobQuest’s depot is located at Mayfield. The only requirement is that you can make your own way to the depot.

If you are interested, contact Lisa Berry on 02 4960 9024 & advise her that you are a Compass tenant.

Samaritans - Lawn & Garden Care

Samaritans Lawn & Garden Care have job vacancies for people who meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 18yrs old and over;
  • Must have a diagnosed mental illness;
  • Must be on disability support pension;
  • Minimum requirement one day per week;
  • Available to work Monday-Friday between 7.30am & 3.30pm.

Training provided, please phone 02 4924 6851 to apply.

Tenants are encouraged to perform well in their tenancies through the Compass Housing Tenant Incentive Program. This program has been set up to reward our best performing tenants.


How does the program work?

Each month housing managers give each tenant a score based upon their tenancy performance, according to set criteria i.e. on time rent payments, invoice payments, bond payments and for maintaining dwellings that are clean and tidy.

Tenants are ranked according to their scores throughout the year.

The best performing tenants are graded in the following categories – gold, silver and bronze. All tenants who reach the gold category are invited to a special lunch at the end of the year as a reward from the company for their excellent performance and receive 20% off bus trips and other social events. Prizes are also drawn for tenants who reach gold, silver and bronze levels. The major prizes last year were for $1000 cash and $500 cash.

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