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Towards a National Housing Strategy

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Towards a national housing strategy


For the past decade in Australia there has been a growing awareness of a housing crisis and the absence of a national strategy to address it. In a bid to address issues of housing affordablity and all aspects of housing tenure, Compass Housing has produced a 10 year, 10 point plan to enable the Commonwealth Government to lead the development of a national focus on housing reform.


The 10 year action plan was developed at a recent housing symposium attended by peak bodies, housing agencies and a number of academics and experts, include Saul Eslake.


All parties involved in the creation of the 10 year plan agreed upon a single, overarching objective:
To create a housing system which guarantees as a basic human right to every member of Australian society, access to 'adequate housing' as defined by the United Nations.


The group utilised Towards a National Housing Strategy, a report into Australia's housing market recently released by Compass Housing, taking the fifteen recommendations and condensing them into a targeted, considered plan to improve all aspects of housing tenure in Australia. 


Towards a National Housing Strategy assembles a range of evidence from academics, a wide range of published academic research, policy documents, conversations with leading experts and the many non-academic publications that address varying aspects of Australia's housing crisis. It makes a number of recommendations that collectively build towards the creation of a national housing strategy.


Why does Australia need a National Housing Strategy?


Australia's current housing crisis impacts the most vulnerable of people.


  • 105,000 Australians are homeless
  • 206,000 Australian households are on the waiting list for social housing
  • 46% of people with the greatest need for social housing wait two years or more
  • 61% of people allocated social housing were homeless at the time of allocation
  • 40% of people receiving Commonwealth Rental Assistance spend more than 30% of their income on rent.            


View the 10 year, 10 point plan, Towards a National Housing Strategy report or a summary of the report by clicking on the thumbnails below:


10ptplan.jpg          ReportThumbnail.png          SummaryThumbnail.png


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